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Multimedia Keyboards

A multimedia Russian keyboard is designed to make it one-touch simple for the user to access often-used programs. As well as having all of the Russian and English keys as per the standard models, there are also special keys to access the Internet, music, and other frequently used programs such as email and Word. Most multimedia Russian keyboards also have a hot key for the computer's calculator program, a well as a key to open the computer's access screen for navigation of applications and files.

Multimedia Russian keyboards designed for use with the Windows family of operating systems typically come preprogrammed, ready to use right out of the box. In this time of rapidly changing technology in the area of home computing, not even simple peripherals are immune to evolution and change. Take the keyboard, for instance. Russian multimedia keyboards give many additional benefits at a comparatively low cost. A multimedia Russian keyboard is a practical and affordable way to beef up any computer user's efficiency and productivity.

Our Multimedia Russian keyboards come with different numbers of buttons and can perform a variety of time saving tasks.

Wireless Russian Keyboards

Sometimes sitting close to your computer monitor can be uncomfortable. Other times, there may be so many tangled wires behind your computer that you are unable to organise them. Regardless of which scenario you find yourself in more often, a wireless Russian keyboard can help. A wireless keyboard is exactly the same as a normal computer keyboard except for one major difference; no wires. This allows for a cordless experience, which eliminates the potential for another tangled cable behind your computer. Our models all come with a mouse, so two wires are now eliminated from the clutter behind your desk.

A wireless Russian keyboard can be a great purchase, freeing you up by providing more flexibility in the way you operate your computer system.

Standard Russian Keyboards

The simple 104-key board, with alphanumeric keys arranged in the traditional QWERTY positions, has, for all intents and purposes, changed very little since the birth of the modern computer. A standard Russian keyboard also contains all of the Russian letters arranged in a traditional Russian 'Typewriter' layout to accompany the QWERTY characters. There are no other functions to a standard keyboard other than to type letters and numbers.

Most computer keyboards are designed to send codes to the computer, rather than directly sending characters. From there, the codes are converted into a character stream by keyboard layout software. This allows a physical keyboard to be dynamically mapped to any number of layouts without switching hardware components, merely by changing the software that interprets the keystrokes. This is how it is possible to have two languages on a single keyboard. For simplicity and to save on desk space, a standard Russian keyboard gives you all you need to do the basics.


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