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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these keyboards work on any computer?
Yes. The keyboards themselves are of a universal design standard and will operate on any PC. However, as they are dual language keyboards, you will need to change the language settings in your computer so that it knows when you are typing in English, and when you are typing in Russian. Once set, you can switch between English and Russian whenever you like at the click of a mouse. If you do not know how to change the language settings in your computer, just follow the set-up instruction links on the bottom right of this page.

I have a laptop computer, will the keyboard work on that?
Yes. Many of our customers use English language laptops, and simply plug in the Russian keyboard when they want to work in Cyrillic. You will need a spare USB socket on your laptopm and the language settings of your computer will need to be adjusted as mentioned above.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still buy one of your keyboards?
Yes. We use PayPal because they offer the highest levels of protection for both buyers and sellers, but you do not need to have an account with PayPal to be able to use their secure payment system. On the PayPal login page select 'Checkout' to pay without having to register.

Should I go for a standard keyboard or a multimedia one?
Standard keyboards are fine for the office environment, or where price or desk space is important. However, multimedia keyboards have inbuilt 'Hot Keys', which are basically short-cuts that open your favourite programmes. So, for example, rather than going through a series of screens to open up Microsoft Word, you just simply hit one button and the application opens up instantly. With up to 15 'Hot Keys' this sort of time saving advantage can make a big difference, especially when you think about the amount of time you spend at your computer each day. Multimedia keyboards tend to be slightly more expensive, but we have managed to find a good range to suit all budgets.

What sort of warranty support is there for these keyboards?
All keyboards are sold brand new with full warranties. Chicony models have a 1 year warranty and Acme have a 5 year warranty on their keyboards.

Can you get hold of Cyrillic keyed laptops?
Yes we can, but they tend to be very expensive as the manufacturers charge a premium to fit Cyrillic keycaps and then you end up with a laptop that you would struggle to trade-in or sell second hand in the UK. We find that it is much better, and much cheaper to simply plug in an external keyboard via a USB socket and use it whenever you wish. We were looking at supplying flexible silicone keyboards in Russian as these simply roll up and fit into a small bag, making them the ideal companion for the notebook or laptop user, but couldn't find any to meet our quality standards.


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